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Project tracking in one click that helps you save time and make more money.


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time and revenue

Time and Revenue

Stay informed about your time spent and revenue. Just set your hour rate and Budgetic will make the rest.

project tracking

Progress Tracking

Budgetic track your progress and remaining time. Wondering how much time do you have to stay profitable?

project tracking priority

Set Priority

Still doing one dollar projects instead of large ones? Budgetic tell you where is your priority and where you should hurry up.

Vote for Features

Budgetic lets you choose next feature to develop. Each month we'll develop one of these.

Client tracking
Budgetic tell you which client is the best and the worst.
5 votes
Data Export
Do you want PDF or CSV export of your progress?
9 votes
Switch the Period
Look further on your progress in your preset time period.
5 votes

About Budgetic


Budgetic was created for one need: Progress tracking, time spent and revenue of the projects. I didn't want to track my progress in docs so I made this little thing. Budgetic is still in beta version, but I'm working on it day and night to make it more useful. Budgetic is not for big companies. Budgetic is for each person on the planet who wants to have an overview and care about the progress, time and money.
- Mark, creator